Merging online and offline experiences

Sitting, relaxing at the edge of the pool on a 40 degree day when; “You’re one of those types aren’t you?” a friend’s daughter asks. I had no idea what she was on about. “You know, you slowly step into the pool, bit by bit? Why don’t you just jump straight in?”

Which type are you – step by step or straight in?

When it comes to creating an online experience, most jump straight in, creating a website because you felt you needed one, then found someone who could create it for you. You pulled together the information you wanted to present and then slowly tweaked the copy until it was accurate. You were probably careful to ensure you didn’t put anything up there that was too radical.  You kept it…kind of beige…professional.

Now, don’t get me wrong, beige is OK, it’s a great colour if it blends with your business. If your business is beige, then beige is good.  If your business is exciting, engaging, full of passionate people, fun to be in, then maybe you needed a colour consultant.

Customers now expect the online and offline experiences to match. Your website has morphed into your business as opposed to being something attached to your business. The two experiences need to work together, in unison or customers start to question trust.

To create consistency, language, imagery and functionality are key components to building trust.  The big truth point for a business is when someone presses the ‘buy now’ button, the ‘contact us’ tab and makes the call or when they submit a form for more information.  What happens next is critical. The online environment still has a trust gap and it’s what you do next that will make or break your brand and sales conversion.

They key to increasing sales conversions is to map the customer experience pathway and in particular focus on the emotion that your potential and actual customers are experiencing. Put yourself in their shoes. What do you do to reduce their risk? What do you do to tackle their feelings of buyer remorse straight after a purchasing transaction? Have you thought that through? Do you have a strategy to ensure customers remain ‘sticky’ to your product/service?

There are so many tools these days to ensure the customer experience, both online and offline can be focused to create sensational customer experiences.

So if you jumped straight in with your online presence and haven’t mapped it through a full user experience process then yep, you’re one of those types. The good news is, the majority of businesses these days jumped straight in too and they’re still swimming in circles. Maybe it’s time to take a step back, renew your focus, create a blue-print of your customer experience and boost your sales conversions and repurchases.

We can help.

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