Idea Creation for Game Changers

Everyone has a great idea.

The world is full of them and you no doubt have a bunch as well. Are they worth investing in? There are a number of firms who promote ‘ideation’ as a skill to learn. We think that’s crap. Personal biases, industry specialisation and focus hamper internal ideation campaigns. Sure, there are some great examples of huge firms who have done it well.  Most don’t and for good reason.

To be successful most businesses need to be inwardly focused, hell-bent on efficiency and effectiveness.  Coming up with new ideas all the time hampers traditional business growth and negatively disrupts a team.  There’s a better way.  Find a customer problem and focus your team through some workshops on a solution.  Guiding the whole process is a mysterious outsider who can challenge organisational bias.

Our principal is such a mysterious outsider, some know him only by his name, Troy Flower. An award winning innovator he was the driver behind many new campaigns such as Undies Run for Bowel Cancer, Ride for a reason, Beat Cancer Tour, Ambassador Project, Helping Hands Project and new Alliance Projects with the Westpac Group.

Troy brings his wealth of experience across multiple sectors and continents to your table to get the party started. He doesn’t wear robes or a cloak and doesn’t have a long flowing white beard or a pony tail but if ideas you seek – think Troy Flower.

Now click below and let’s get started.

Let’s get started

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