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Driven by what’s possible!Troy_FLOWER_46_161019

There’s something amazing inside all of us that makes us tick, our internal compass that keeps us pushing, striving, driving for something more. For Troy, he loves creating something new, creating a connection between systems that didn’t exist before. Having worked across multiple industries at senior and executive level, he understands the needs of leaders and boards to balance performance pressures and personal drivers.

An award winning MBA graduate from University of Adelaide, graduate of Australian Institute of Company Directors and holds a sports science degree.  Troy’s thirst for knowledge is broad and critical to his thinking is understanding human behaviour and the drivers behind our actions.

Troy’s portfolio spans multiple industries where his thirst for system knowledge has lead to great success. He has held senior roles in Pharmaceuticals, Alpine Resorts, Travel and Tourism, Banking and Finance and Not-for-profit.  In every role he has achieved outstanding results and national recognition including the Managing Directors Award for Innovation from Danish Pharmaceutical giant Novo Nordisk.

While business development, sales and marketing roles have dominated his working life, it is his passion for understanding people that has lead to great success. Troy’s genuine interest, compassion and engagement with people regardless of their title and position has built great trust and understanding fostering a positive environment for change.

Discovering his passion is in rapid learning and helping businesses succeed, Troy is now consulting to organisations to share his vast experience and energy.

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