Are you an entrepreneur or experimenteur?

Why did I call my business Experimenteur? Well, even though I’ve started new businesses, created new models, won awards for innovation and entrepreneurship, I’ve never really hit the ‘big time’, never made the BRW fast 100.

In my mind an ‘entrepreneur’ is someone who has made the grade, not sure which grade or what level, but there’s a certain point that must be reached to call oneself an entrepreneur.  And that begs the question then; what are you before you’re an entrepreneur? Are you a pre-entrepreneur, a premature entrepreneur, a prentrepreneur if you will, or just some dude or dudette with a crazy idea?

What I see in common with innovators, new business developers, pre-entrepreneurs and entrepreneurs is an unwavering commitment to try new stuff. Willing to challenge and have a crack at something new. Usually they have an inkling something will work and some evidence to suggest why. They’re committed to testing it, to experimenting. It’s through this experimentation that new ideas, concepts and models emerge. This is the heartland of innovation, the DNA of an entrepreneur. A critical cultural norm for innovative organisations.

So what about you?

You love to experiment don’t you? You have ideas, ‘hypotheses’ in science speak, and you run experiments to test them. You pivot your ideas, run with the results in whatever direction they take you. You’re comfortable with uncertainty, you relish it. You’re an experimenter, but that doesn’t sound as sexy as entrepreneur, so I tweaked it for you, I ‘Frenched’ it a little.


Maybe you’re an Experimenteur. I know I am.

Try it on for size. You might just like it. It’s my gift to you.

You’re welcome!


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