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NFP’s – you’re selling a service or product – focus on your value

It's time for NFP's to embrace the reality of giving. It's not about the charity, it's about the person giving.  When you focus on the person giving, you start to focus on the value they receive from the transaction. Who…

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Why creative agencies are bad at designing fundraising campaigns

There I was sitting down relaxing, enjoying my cup of coffee with an old mate when within minutes, minutes dammit, the line came out  "I've got a great fundraising idea for you". If you're in the fundraising game you hear it…

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Fundraise or buy a Rolex – same, same!

Fundraise or Rolex - same, same Survival of our species over time was due to a complex series of trial and error experiments where a positive outcome meant survival and a negative outcome often meant death. There are a number…

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The selfish truth about charity

Human beings evolved and mastered our surroundings, overcame challenges and ultimately survived and prospered.  We did better than just survive because at our very core, our subconscious level, at our DNA level, we’re selfish (Richard Dawkins The Selfish Gene 1976, Matt Ridley…

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What is an experimenteur?

The key to innovation is learning, not knowing. It is gaining & using new information through a series of experiments. Innovation is seldom borne from the most knowledgeable, but from the most inquisitive. An experimenteur is someone who is committed to learning through action, continuously testing and retesting their understanding of the world.

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Are you a charity? Prove it!

Charities are now faced with a much more savvy audience. To succeed in current and future times charities must be able to prove their value. They must be able to communicate their impact and be able to quantify some element of it. Performance of charities will be critical as consumers become more aware, more skeptical and actually want to do more. Charities must think impact reporting and it must become part of their culture.

1 comment on “Nine things charities must do…now!”

Nine things charities must do…now!

Here's nine things charities must do to ensure their relevance in the future:  Have a clear vision that everyone from the board down is prepared to stake their reputation on.  If you don't believe the vision and can't articulate how you're…

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