Struggling with the pace of technology? Drink tea!

Well, it's unanimous then isnt' it? Somewhere between 2007 and today, the world went completely mad. Was it the convergence of financial strain caused by the GFC, a fuelling of fear from hate crimes around the world, the rise in consumption…

Stop Selling – Think enabling! (Part 2)

While I didn't say it explicitly in my last post, buying is so 1980's.  You know that era. Work hard, consume stuff you didn't need to show everyone how successful you were.  The term 'Yuppie' was in vogue.  We didn't realise…

Stop selling – Think enabling!

Selling makes a complex emotional exchange sound simpler than it actually is. Most things we sell are merely enablers for the emotions that are satisfied. The vast majority of sales people focus on the object or the service, they don't focus on the actual emotional need that the product delivers. People don't buy bikes, they buy the feeling that the bike enables.

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