Why…Start a New Year’s Revolution!

New Years Resolutions are so 2017! Start 2018 with a New Years Revolution!  Let's talk disruption and the most simple way to positively disrupt your business.  Disruption doesn't need to start with hysteria or an app, it can start with one…

What is an experimenteur?

The key to innovation is learning, not knowing. It is gaining & using new information through a series of experiments. Innovation is seldom borne from the most knowledgeable, but from the most inquisitive. An experimenteur is someone who is committed to learning through action, continuously testing and retesting their understanding of the world.

Stop Selling – Think enabling! (Part 2)

While I didn't say it explicitly in my last post, buying is so 1980's.  You know that era. Work hard, consume stuff you didn't need to show everyone how successful you were.  The term 'Yuppie' was in vogue.  We didn't realise…

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